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Experience means quality


International experience

Since we operate all over Europe, ARJ Construction has amassed extensive experience as it has been involved in the intricacies of construction industries in various countries. This has enable us to satisfy the needs of the most diverse and demanding clients in any corner of Europe. The European dimension also serves us well in maximising the professionalism of our staff. Most of them have benefitted from working in other countries and having the opportunity to learn about new construction technologies and methods as well as strengthening their work ethic.


Strictly professional

All the key positions in ARJ Construction are occupied by specialists with Master Builder qualifications, more than a decade of successful work experience and a flawless reputation. The rest of the workers are professionals with good training in their professional field and a solid record of experience.

Management of the entire construction process

Quality consists of effective means and professional abilities, which ensure the client’s satisfaction and peace of mind. This is why we take very seriously our mission to look after all aspects of the job and why we are constantly widening our repertoire of services and our network of partners. We respect that your time is precious and you need your sleep!